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Ferrous Ascorbate


This is a synthetic molecule made from iron and ascorbic acid. And is a very powerful haematinic molecule against iron deficiency anaemia. We offer ferrous ascorbate with one of the highest ascorbic acid contents along with precisely calibrated stoichiometric iron proportion. This helps absorption of ferrous ascorbate to go to its maximum level without producing any symptoms of iron toxicity in most of the subjects. Ascorbic acid reduces ferric ion into ferrous ion. It is soluble in water at neutral pH. The ascorbate form of Iron enhances the process of iron absorption. This product is a dark magenta coloured spray dried free flowing powder, which is used extensively for liquid tablet and capsule formulations.


Chemical Formula: C12H14O12Fe
Molecular weight: 406.1
Molecular Structure:
DescriptionBrown to black coloured powder
SolubilitySoluble in 1.0 M Hydrochloric Acid
For Iron
For Ionised Iron

To comply the identification test
To comply the identification test

pH (0.05 % solution in water)Between 5.0 and 7.0
Loss On DryingNot more than 10.0 % w/w
Elemental Iron (on as is basis)
Ascorbic Acid (on dried basis)

Not less than 13.5 % w/w
Between 65.0 % and 85.0 % w/w