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“Here at Pride, we strive to achieve top results by following our Standard Operating Procedures to the letter. We ensure that the veracity and transparency of our operations and products remain intact, by using state of the art technology and validated protocols in our laboratory and manufacturing facilities. We have been certified for Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) by the state Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) as well as by the World Health Organization (WHO). We have also been certified for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) by the state FDCA.”

Relevant documents shall be provided to interested parties as and when deemed appropriate in the course of our business.

The Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) certificate is issued as proof that the methods undertaken, and data generated by all laboratory practices in an organizational facility are accurate. This certificate is issued after assessing our quality management ystems, demonstrations of instrument and material handling, validation of data recording systems and a thorough inspection of our laboratory testing facility.

The State certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assures that the batches of drug products or intermediates manufactured are carried out in a highly controlled production environment which in turn ensure their consistency in purity and stability. Adherence to GMP’s give an added layer of assurance that the drug produced is safe and efficacious for consumption.

“The grant of Written Confirmation (WC) for Export of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) into the European Union, makes Pride, one of the most elite manufacturers with market access into the highly regulated European market. The WC is a testimony to our strict GMP, control, and transparency of our manufacturing operations.”

The Manufacturing Licence is issued in accordance with the Drugs and cosmetics Act and is issued by the State Drugs Control Directorate. This license is a legal necessity for manufacturing of drugs in our premises and is issued after verification that the company holds adequate amount of trained technical and management staff, a fully functional manufacturing block with satisfactory safety measures in place as well as a dedicated storage area for raw materials, intermediates and finished goods.

The World Health Organization (WHO) certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices is an internationally acclaimed standard for manufacturing active ingredients and drug products. The WHO GMP certificate is issued after the authorities conclude that all possible measures for risk minimization right from accurate documentation, automation, validated material testing and equipment handling protocols, employee training as per international standards etc., controlled/classified manufacturing areas are in place. The WHO GMP certificate enables us to trade internationally since compliance with these global standards allow us to establish mutual trust with our clients and a surety of product purity and safety.